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ECC 2015 Video

Have a look at the video of ECC 2015 which features a glass court in the second biggest shopping mall in Poland with ~100,000 visitors every day, as well as activities promoting squash and rallies with top world players.


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Job Vacancy - ESF Office Manager (Maternity Leave cover)

The European Squash Federation is looking to appoint temporary (maternity) cover for its Office Manager from January to July 2016. The position is for an average of 23 hours a week, with core office hours to be agreed alongside discretion to manage your working hours flexibly. The office is based in Barston near Solihull. Salary range for 23 hours per week is £17,600 to £20,000 depending on experience. Application deadline: 30th November. 



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Coach SPIN Requirement

As of 1 January 2016 all team or individual player coaches designated by their nation as part of their event onsite management team (solely, or in attendance with an appointed team manager*) at any Championship** held under the auspices of ESF must be WSF Registered i.e. have a WSF Squash Personal Identification Number (SPIN), as their licence to attend in a formal representative role. 

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ESF Junior Ranking

1  Benjamin Aubert287
2  Enzo Corigliano253
31 Balázs Farkas200
41 Dimitri Steinmann196
5  Miko Äijänen186
6  Patrick Rooney142
7  Emyr Evans134
81 David Zeman108
92 Mostafa Hany Ismael105
10  Roman Allinckx104
1  Georgina Kennedy326
2  Tinne Gilis311
3  Cindy Merlo241
42 Mathilde Lauridsen202
52 Amelia Henley179
61 Céline Walser161
71 Lowri Roberts142
82 Elin Harlow142
9  Nouran Gohar101
102 Kace Bartley97
1  Victor Crouin321
2  Ido Burstein206
34 Patrick O'Sullivan194
4  Ondrej Vorlicek147
52 Tobias Weggen137
61 Tom Walsh127
72 Vojtech Ryba109
82 Hisham Fansa109
9  Yannick Wilhelmi105
102 Sanjay Jeeva93
1  Nadiya Usenko300
2  Saskia Beinhard229
3  Sarah Lauridsen177
41 Fanny Segers130
54 Emma Fitzsimmons119
6  Karina Tyma115
7  Jasmine Hutton112
8  Michaela Cepova109
91 Kristýna Fialová109
10  Maria Gonzalez Velazquez102
1  Viktor Byrtus321
21 Alasdair Prott208
33 Conor Moran197
4  Tushar Shahani193
5  Jared Carter177
6  Miguel Mathis145
7  Muhammad Abdul Harif132
812 Tom Schreurs112
91 Christopher Murphy107
1012 Tamás Devald103
1  Alina Bushma276
23 Georgia Adderley201
3  Ambre Allinckx176
42 Fleur Maas157
51 Navmi Sharma135
61 Alice Green116
71 Ellie McVeigh116
8  Alesya Aleshina92
91 Yuna Loaec91
101 Vanda Laskai80
11 Denis Gilevskiy249
21 Samuel Todd152
35 Luis Grübel147
41 Nicolai Bö146
51 Haris Qasim118
6  Mohamed Moustafa Ibrahim Ismail101
7  Sebastiaan Hofman101
81 Emirhan Sen90
91 Alex Smith85
1013 Dennis Igelbrink74
11 Marina Stefanoni140
27 Ninon Lemarchand133
3  Jana Safy131
41 Lucie Stefanoni120
51 Orla Young97
614 Lucie Mährle92
71 Klára Kohlerova92
816 Moa Bönnemark76
92 Marie-Amélie Callebaut76
102 Franka Vidovic75

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Swiss Junior Open 2015

ESF - Swiss Squash, Langnau am Albis03/12/2015 to 06/12/2015Boys, Girls