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Masters in Porto

The 2017 edition of the OPorto Squash Masters took place between 20 and 22 January at Proracket, Squash & Padel with 136 players from 17 European countries, a record in MO tournaments. 

Almost 300 games took place in the 7 courts of the club, which were held from Friday morning to Sunday early afternoon across the 12 age groups categories.

A lot of competition, great fair-play and above all, a fantastic atmosphere amongst all those present, reaching a high point during the extraordinary Saturday evening dinner which was held next to the squash courts, and attended by more than 100 people.

Earlier in the evening, we visited the W & J GRAHAM’S wine cellars and everyone had the opportunity to taste one of the world's most famous wines, the Port Wine.

Sunday's finals presented us with very hard matches, some with close results, like the M50 + final, between the Swedish Jonas Ulvsback and the Spanish-resident Marcus Hall. Together with the M55 + final between the German Felix Paal and the Spanish Jose Luis Orizaola.

As we said during the prize giving ceremony, a special thanks to the players and families who came to this wonderful city of Porto, the sponsors, referees and other staff, a special thanks to the ESF Masters Committee for the excellent job they are doing. As we said in the final speech, SEE YOU NEXT YEAR” with more desire to do better.

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