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German Junior Open Hamberg

Roman Allinckx and Cristina Gomez win at the German Junior Open 2017


Last weekend, the German Junior Open 2017 took place in Sportwerk in Hamburg, Germany. Over three days, Europe finest players battled for the title.

In the end, Roman Allinckx (2,SUI) won his first Under 19 title after losing the final in the Italian Junior Open and the Nordic Junior Open. In the final, he had a very tough battle with Nilo Vidal (9/16, ESP).  In the fifth and final game, Roman seemed to be suffering from cramps, but with a final push, he took home the title. After winning the Under 17 title last year, Sanjay Jeeva (3/4, BEL) finished third after beating Luke Logan (5/8, IRL).

The  Girls Under 19 draw, Cristina Gomez (1, ESP) successfully defended her title. It was her fourth Under 19 title. In the final, she played with some impressive pressure against Cindy Merlo (2, SUI). Cindy could keep up quite well, but in the end Cristina was too strong (3:0). Cristina won without losing a single game in the whole tournament. Third sport was secured by Hannah Craig (3/4, IRL) after beating  Sarah Lauridsen (3/4, DEN) in five games.

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