Spanish Masters 2017 in Santiago de Compostela

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Spanish Masters 2017 in Santiago de Compostela

Great Atmosphere with 111 entries at the Spanish Masters 2017

As director of the Spanish Masters 2017 tournament, and on behalf of the whole family that forms the Squash Santiago, having completed the Spanish Masters 2017 I wanted to thank all the players for coming to this event and am very grateful for their behaviour and understanding.

I know that it has been a marathon of matches for only four courts but in the three days we had only 30 minutes delay per day. This is thanks to the Staff and the disposition of the players.

The results of the event highlight the dominance of English players winning seven of eleven categories. Special mention for the four players M70 giving an example of competitiveness and fellowship, deservedly receiving the applause of all when they climbed onto the podium.

The downside of the event was, unfortunately, the different injuries of several players. Especially of German player Robert Keilmann, winner of the M70, who broke the ligaments in his shoulder during his last game. We have to applaud the behaviour and sportsmanship of the Portuguese player Fernando Valentin, who decided to retire, letting Robert, who was leading 2:0, win. So the German player became Champion of the event winning by the difference of the games between the four players.

Hoping that everyone will have a speedy recovery, greetings to all.


Jesús Souto

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