European Individual Closed Championships 2017

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European Individual Closed Championships 2017

The date of the European Individuals Championships has been changed to

Thursday 24th to Sunday 27th August 2017



You may be aware of the challenges in recent years to find hosts and dates for EICC. This year University of Nottingham (England) agreed to host the event at relatively short notice, with agreed dates of 21-24 June. Unfortunately, we’ve had to review these dates due to a) poor entry; and b) clash of dates with another event we weren’t aware of at the time.

We have therefore consulted with PSA, the host venue and a number of MNFs who regularly support the event to secure alternative dates of 24-27 August, which we believe will attract a stronger entry for EICC, and minimise clashes with other events.

June has been the traditional timing of EICC, but it has become evident that June doesn’t work well for this event. So we will need to secure a consistent slot for EICC later in the year.

A new closing date has been agreed of 31st July if you wish to enter players for the new dates in late August.

Please visit the information page for further details :

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