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Dutch Junior Open (SS) 2020
Group:ESF Juniors
Dates: to
Country:The Netherlands
Entry deadline:05/06/2020

UPDATE April 8, 2020

The second largest junior squash tournament in Europe, which would be held this coming July in the Frans Otten Stadion in Amsterdam, is cancelled. The organization, consisting of the Dutch Squash Federation and Frans Otten Stadion, has decided this together with the European Squash Federation. The decision is on the advice of the European Squash Federation. The European Junior Open, just before the Dutch Junior Open, has been cancelled as well due to Corona.

Tom Lucas, Tournament Director Dutch Junior Open: "It is the first time in 33 years that the Dutch Junior Open cannot take place. It is a great pity not to be able to welcome all those visitors, the future talents, coaches, parents and people coming to Amsterdam every year. Together we are still a large international squash family. However, taking care of health is extremely important and the squashsport should take its responsibility. As an organization, we therefore see no other option than to cancel the Dutch Junior Open."

Patrick Koopman, Frans Otten Stadion “The Corona virus is all over the world. The sports and squash world is hit hard by the necessary measures. Together we feel the responsibility for stakeholders, players and visitors. As always, Frans Otten was ready to open the doors for the international juniors again. It is very unfortunate but it only motivates us to make it an even bigger event in 2021. ”

The international squash season comes to an end with the cancellation of the European Junior Open & Dutch Junior Open. The international calendar does not allow for the Dutch Junior Open to take place later this year. The number of cancelled Squash events is large and has a major impact on the Dutch Squash Federation, partners but also participants who prepare for months to achieve performances at large events. In consultation with the centers, SBN will look for new events if the measures allow this to take place.

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