WSF Level 2 Coaching Course 12-15 October 2017 Malmö, Sweden

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WSF Level 2 Coaching Course 12-15 October 2017 Malmö, Sweden

Five Swedes, three Norwegians and one Brazilian gathered at The Club Malmoe in Sweden for 4 days of intense learning on the WSF Level 2 coaching course between 12-15 October. 

Picture: From left to right (front): Trym Aasness, Lincoln Leeder, Marcos Andre Pinto Cunha, Joel Viksten, Lotte Eriksen, Rutgar Jan Kamperman, Ronny Vlassaks; (back): John Milton, Filip Kruëger, Ahmed Abdel Aziz, Elisabeth Andreasson, Mikael Edvardsson.

Ronny Vlassaks from Belgium delivered the course with help from two assistants, John Milton from England and Rutger Jan Kamperman from the Netherlands.

The first morning entailed various introductions of participants and tutors. This was followed by a revision of the WSF Level 1 course before introducing the new material of the L2 course. With the enigmatically entertaining presentation style that Ronny employs to direct the course, everyone was soon keen to get on court to put into practice the initial information. This pattern of theory presentation, practical learning and plenty of opportunities for question and answer sessions, continued over the next 3 days. On occasions, the coaches found themselves frantically trying to keep up with the copious information displayed on the numerous PowerPoint slides before Ronny moved on to the next one, whilst also listening to him and at various times, paying attention to his illustration of information on a flipchart. There was a good atmosphere and an empathetic approach to the course which allowed the coaches to absorb the instruction and understand the method. With Ronny’s encouragement and experience, they were soon applying the theory in practice and showing the understanding of the process that will allow them to develop as coaches and thereby, the players they will work with. The final day was taken up with an assessment of an individual player session each coach undertook in front of Ronny and his assistant John Milton. This was followed by a question and answer session and advice provided by the two tutors. With each coach leaving for home with an assignment to undertake in their own environment to complete the overall course, everyone was determined to apply the new skills and ideas they had gained from 4 successful and enjoyable days.

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