European Junior Open 2019

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European Junior Open 2019

It was a great tournament in Cologne. About 1000 matches from Thursday until Monday. On Tuesday morning four buses were on the way from Cologne to Amsterdam. 

All the information about the tournament is on - 

Here you can click to pictures by facebook and Matthis F., daily reflexions by the side of the DSQV and more.

Looking back to the tournament in Cologne, it was very, very successful. 378 youth players from all continents, from 42 countries played the “European Junior Open 2019“. The biggest age group was BU17 with 90 players.

"We had about 40 players more then 2018, which is a very good increase and hope for even more players in 2020.“ comments  Udo Thäsler, the German Tournament Director. "This tournament takes alot of organisation, but with a good helping team, a routiniert center (ACR) and Michael Gäde, doing the TP, we have made it and will do it again in 2020.“      


The results:

Viktor Byrtus (CZE) won the final BU19 against Yannick Wilhelmi (SUI) and Alice Green (ENG) her final GU19 against Margret Prow (ENG) also. Thirds places U19 won Fleur Maas (NED) and Max Forster (ENG), fourth places U19: Alina Bushma(UKR) and Ivan Pérez (ESP).

The other first places:

GU17: 1. Asia Harris (ENG), 2. Hannah Chukwu Chinyere (HUN), 3. Saran Nghiem (ENG)

BU17: 1. Miguel Mathis (SUI), 2. Nikhil Ismail (CAN), 3. Paul Gonzalez (FRA)

GU15: 1. Yuvna Gupta (IND), 2. Amal Izhar (CAN), 3. Naomi Nohar (NED)

BU15: 1. Rowan Damming (NED), 2. Abdalla Hafez (EGY), 3. Paarth Ambani (IND)

GU13: 1. Anahat Singh (IND), 2. Avery Park (USA), 3. Karma Allam (EGY)

BU13: 1. Luhann Groenewald (RSA), 2. Martin Stepan (CZE), Jack Elriani (USA)

All results are on the side oft he ESF. (

(Udo Thäsler)

Viktor Byrtus (left) against Yannick Wilhelmi, final BU17 – picture: DSQV – Lennard Jessen

Alice Green (left) against Margot Prow GU19-final –

Picture: DSQV – Lennard Jessen


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