Junior and Masters circuit update - October update

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Junior and Masters circuit update - October update

We would like to provide an update regarding ESF Junior and Masters circuit events whilst COVID-19 remains a persistent public health issue in Europe.


All ESF Circuit events, both Masters and Juniors, scheduled for 2020 are now cancelled. We will adhere to the following timetable which gives events three months’ notice:

Restart of the ESF Junior and Master Tours

Start month                Decision date            Current Status

October                       end June                  Cancelled

November                  end August                Cancelled

December                  end August               Cancelled

January                     end September         Cancelled

February                   end October              Provisional

March                       end November          Provisional

April                         end December           Provisional


Should an individual event wish to take place (separate from the ESF circuit) they may do so but under the following conditions:


  1. They will not be run under the ESF Guidelines for both Masters and Juniors Events.

  2. The ESF Code of Conduct will not apply.

  3. There will be no levy paid to ESF.

  4. The rankings will still be frozen.

  5. The entry forms will need to include the above information.

  6. In additional the TP File will need to be re-named A National Junior/Master event.


We will continue to actively monitor COVID-19 restrictions on playing squash and ability to travel in Europe. Our aim is to provide players and organisers with a minimum of 3 months’ notice of when our circuit events will recommence.


      Jackie Robinson Chairperson Junior Committee


      Rosie Barry Chairperson Masters Committee

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