European Squash Federation Masters Online Training With Derek Ryan -UPDATE

General News

European Squash Federation Masters Online Training With Derek Ryan -UPDATE

Weekly virtual training sessions and Weekend virtual training event hosted by Derek Ryan 

Information for Participants

All participants MUST register via the Squash Association.

1. Event Website for information and a bit of background.


2. Points Based System

The points based system works as follows:  1 point per session attended.  Bonus point if all 4 sessions attended.  It is ok if participants do not attend all 4 sessions however there will be penalty deductions for example:

1 Class attended:      1 point awarded but 3 points deducted = Score -2

2 Classes attended:  2 points awarded but 2 points deducted = Score 0

3 Classes attended:  3 points awarded but 1 point deducted = Score 2

4 Classes attended:  4 points awarded plus 1 bonus point = Score 5


There will also be opportunities for bonus points during the sessions! 

At the end of the tournament, points will be tallied for each nation and divided by the number of nation participants to give a nation average.  The nation with the highest average will be crowned the winner! 

3. Videos May be On or Off during each of the sessions.

4.Full name used at registration must be displayed on Zoom for all sessions attended. This will help to make sure you are awarded the correct points!

5. All feedback before, during or after the tournament is welcome so please feel free to direct this via your association.


Message from ESF Chairperson Masters Committee Rosie Barry

Warm greetings to all ESF Masters squash players !
It has been such a long time since any of us have met on court and we do not yet have a definite timeframe for when we will be able to travel and play squash without restrictions.
So, while we wait for our Masters circuit to restart, ESF would like to provide you all with an opportunity to train ‘together’ virtually. 
Derek Ryan, official physiotherapist for the PSA and former world no. 7, will lead these online sessions: 1 hour per week for 8 weeks starting April 20th.
I am delighted to let you know that the cost of these sessions will be covered by ESF.

In addition, Derek will host a weekend ‘event’ 7-9th May which consists of 4 training sessions (Friday evening, Saturday morning & afternoon, Sunday morning) which will mimic the pattern of physical activity we remember from playing squash tournaments!
I took part in one of these weekend events hosted by Derek in March and can highly recommend it. The training activity can be easily adjusted to your own level of fitness.
There is a competitive element to the event also using a points-based system and includes answering some fun squash questions. 
Each player will represent their country and the team with the highest score wins!
Best of all, it was wonderful to see the familiar faces of players I had not met in such a long time.
The cost of ‘competing’ in this event will also be covered by the ESF. All you have to do is sign up and represent your country!
I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible over the next couple of months. 


Rosie Barry, Chairperson European Squash Federation Masters Committee




ESF in partnership with Derek Ryan - Virtual Training Sessions FAQ

What is Masters Squash FIT?
It's a moderate to high intensity strength & conditioning total body workout combining functional movements and resistance training using body weight, weights and bands. This Physiotherapist led, squash specific circuit based class will develop your strength, power, stability, mobility and endurance.

Derek Ryan
The classes will be delivered by Derek Ryan, former World Number 7 and World Masters Champion. Derek is the current Lead Physiotherapist for the PSA World Tour and Strength & Conditioning Consultant to some of the World's leading players.

Strength and Conditioning sessions: Tuesday evenings from 20th April-8th June 2021
Tuesdays 19:00 (UK time) for 8 weeks starting 20th April 2021 until 8th June 2021.
Sessions can be individual or block booked. It is not necessary to register for all sessions. 

Competitive weekend event: 7th-9th May 2021
4 training sessions (Friday 18:00, Saturday 11:00, Saturday 18:00 and Sunday 11:00 UK time). Any player entering will represent their country and the team with the most points wins! Emulates a weekend tournament.

The May weekend event is physically demanding, emulating four games of competitive squash. By registering for any of the events, you are declaring you have the appropriate level of fitness to participate and agree the disclaimer.

Deadline for registrations
Online registrations close on Friday 30th April.

Players need to be over 35 years of age and affiliated with a European Member Nation.  Please click on the weblink to register

A light weight or own body weight can be used. Players will also need a racket, court shoes, and 3 metres to move backwards and forwards.

The sessions are live and will take place via Zoom, video on or off. It is necessary for everyone to be online and ready with a stable internet connection and a suitable device by the start time for each session. 

The cost for all European Masters players will be covered by ESF. No payment is necessary.

Further Questions

For further questions, please email

Visit to find out more about the former World no 7. 

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