ESF welcomes the new Operations Manager

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ESF welcomes the new Operations Manager

ESF welcomes the new Operations Manager: Marcel Borst

The former Office Manager has left ESF on May 31. The Board of Directors sent out a vacancy for an Operations Manager to all European countries by means of its website and social media. In total ESF received 28 applications from 10 different European countries. The shortlist created consisted of 6 candidates who were interviewed online.

The Board appointed Marcel Borst as the Operations Manager and he will be available to assist us on an average of 30 hours a week.  For our MNFs he can be reached by phone during office hours Monday till Friday from 10.00 till 15.00 UK time and by email during the week.

Asked about his first experience in this for ESF new role Marcel replies:
 “Exciting and familiar at the same time. I have been CEO of the Dutch Squash Federation and manager, project lead and controller for the past sixteen years in the dynamic world of sport. As volunteer involved with ESF served six years as Vice President and acting as senior TSO with ESF Championships.  I know what is necessary to support volunteers in sport, and wish to support the MNFs and help ESF develop to a higher level with the use of modern technology.”

Hugo Hannes, President of ESF, added, “Although Marcel is based in the Netherlands, he can operate as if he were in the UK office. Using technology, we are creating a virtual office with which we want to increase contact with MNFs. We wish Marcel a lot of pleasure in his new job.”

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