ESF Junior / Masters & Championships- Update

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ESF Junior / Masters & Championships- Update

This weekend the Oporto Squash Masters GP is the first European circuit event of 2022.
With almost 100 participants you can speak of a wonderful start to the season, one we have been waiting for so long.

Also for the in next week upcoming Czech Junior Open, the interest is great with an overwhelming entry of 200 junior players.

Success and disappointment are feelings every competitive squash player knows, especially frustrating when you're not in control of the outcome. While there is success with the start for some, there is disappointment for others.

The nationwide current circumstances are still difficult and unfortunately for some organisers -  even turns out to be impossible to host a Junior event.

The German JO, the French JO and the Austrian JO, all ESF Junior circuit events scheduled for February and beginning of March, unfortunately have  announced that they will not be able to host their event this year.

And although we got hopeful news from the Czech junior open 2022, we keep our fingers crossed.

Current situation in Czech republic regarding the rules and restrictions is pretty much the same as it was before Christmas as with their last update. Czech organizers are proceeding with the preparation of the tournament as planned. However this situation can change very quickly and the risk that the tournament can be cancelled even several days before the start is still there.
Bad news is, there will be lots of Covid related rules which will make it less enjoyable than in "normal“ times for all of us, but the main thing is to allow children to play squash and this is exactly what we all want to do.

ESF Championships (ETC 1&2, ETC 3, EIu19 & ETu19 and ETu15/ETu17)
For the first ESF Championships  in April & May 2022, the ESF Board formally approved, with the support of all hosting nations, the change of the closing date. As per Championship regulations this date is altered (only for 2022) from 31st January to 1st March to accommodate the members and allow time to consult before their final registration.

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