ESF recommends new WSO player courses

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ESF recommends new WSO player courses

World Squash Officiating (WSO) is an online hub launched two years ago by the WSF and PSA, with additional financial support from ESF. We recommend its new player courses for all junior and Masters tour participants.

The WSO has been under continuous development in response to feedback and we believe it is now a very sophisticated tool to develop our sport's referee workforce and help players better understand the rules to improve their game.

The WSO has recently launched two player courses, Introductory and Tournament Level. These give new players and those who compete internationally the chance to better understand the rules and how they are currently interpreted. We strongly believe this will help the players' development.

For a relatively small fee (US$15) participants will get an insight into referees' thinking and how they, as players, need to move and play within the rules. As the interpretation of the rules may change over time, the course is valid for three years before it needs to be renewed.

Please note that the courses are for educational purposes. There is no exam, just a simple test at the end of the course. If you do not pass, it can be done again. If, for example, there are problems with the language, the course can be completed with someone else or in a group. For juniors, this can be done with a coach, parents, or both. However, every individual needs to take the course to get the certificate.

To access the courses, go to World Squash Officiating – The home of squash officiating

ESF recommends the Tournament Player Course for all ESF Junior & Masters tour events as well as all ESF Championships.

During the autumn, the course is optional, but from 1 January 2024 it will be mandatory for all ESF Championships and PSA members. WSF has already made it mandatory for all its championships.  

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