SPIN (Squash Personal Identification Number):
SPIN is the WSF player registration service that will operate for events taking place after 1st January 2014.

Players need to register to be able to participate in events from January 2014 - players may register themselves, or their national federations can do this for them. Please visit www.worldsquash.org/spin to register.

The current SPIN registration fee, paid online, is a once only lifetime fee of GBP£15.00 for those registered and paid prior to 31st December 2017.

Please Note: From 1st January 2018, the initial Registration fee will be unchanged at £15, but there will be an annual renewal fee for subsequent years set at £10 for adults, and £5 for juniors (still Under 19 on 1st January at the start of the renewal year).

Nations will automatically be notified of all player registrations from their country and have the opportunity to veto any at any time in case of issue.

If you need help finding a player's SPIN please click here for instructions