The ESF Code of Conduct is defined in Appendix D to the Regulations governing all European Championships.

The ESF Code of Conduct is designed to secure the future well-being of Squash. Different aspects of the Code may have relevance to MNAs and Hosts as well as players, managers, officials, spectators and administrators (hereinafter called Individuals) involved in a squash tournament or competition. The Code applies to all these categories and should be understood by all concerned with competitive squash.

The ESF supports the Rules of Squash, as published by the WSF. All Championships and competitions organised in Europe, under the auspices of or in conjunction with the ESF shall be played in accordance with the Rules of Squash; and shall be subject to this Code of Conduct.

The ESF Officers shall have power to impose sanctions and/ or fines on MNAs whether hosting events or entering teams or individuals in ESF events.

An MNA has the right of appeal to the European Disciplinary and Appeal Panel (EDAP) against a decision made by the ESF Officers.


The object of the EDAP shall be to uphold the good name of the ESF and the game of Squash; and to resolve all problems relating to the conduct of MNAs, sponsors, individuals and the public in their relations with each other.

The quorum for hearing an appeal shall be any three of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and other members, except that no official or member of an MNA making the appeal or involved in that appeal may be in the quorum. If in the event that there are insufficient members of the EDAP to constitute a quorum, additional members may be co-opted by the Chairman with the approval of the ESF Officers.