The Netherlands first to talk with ESF - Who is next ?

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The Netherlands first to talk with ESF - Who is next ?

Newly elected Vice-President Luís Ferreira responsible for marketing and communication kick-started a series of dialogues with the ESF Member Federations

On Friday the 28th, ESF Vice-presidents Luís Ferreira and Thomas Troedsson met with Squashbond Netherlands,represented by CEO Tom Lucas, for a 90-minute dialogue about squash.

The dialogues will be an important part of the effort to restart European Squash and the creation of a pathway for the future. One of the most important parts is to know the situation for each of the members of ESF. How many squash courts do we have in total, regardless of whether they are affiliated or not? How are they organised - non-profit, commercial, municipality, schools/ university etc. How many squash players are there and how many are affiliated to the MNF? All these figures and facts will help us to understand how squash is organised around Europe. This will be essential for ESF's future priorities.. Not forgetting the opportunity for each of the members to express their views on what they think ESF should do and what help / service they would like to receive. There is also an opportunity to say what they don’t think is working well.

From this first meeting we learned, amongst other things, that the Netherlands have between 1000 – 1100 courts at about 280 venues. The Bond is working with a new digital strategy and they are planning for finding out what the “added values” are to becoming a member of a club.

All agreed that this was a good step, well spent time and would urge all MNF:s to contact Luís Ferreira to book a time for a dialogue. 

The plan is to present the outcome and discuss the restart of European Squash at a meeting in Amsterdam, provisionally set to 12-14 November 2021


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