Masters Ranking

All masters players – whatever their nationality – who have participated in an event with a minimum draw size of 3 players will be included in the European Masters Ranking list. The ranking list is based on the total number of points accumulated per player in Masters Events in the preceding 24 months, divided by four. If a player has played more than 4 events in the preceding 24 months, the 4 best results will be divided to obtain the average regardless of the age group where they were earned. For more information see Appendix 2 of the Masters Guidelines

Please click on the link below for the ESF Masters Circuit Rankings:


Up to date information about Masters Events is published not only here on the ESF Website but also on Facebook in the Group European Squash Masters. This is the quickest way to be informed about

When new invitations are published
When the Closing Date is approaching
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When the Draws have been published
When Photos of a tournament are available online
When the Rankings have been updated
When a new newsletter has been published

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