Junior Circuit

Annually ESF holds Under 15 and 17 team championships and the under 19 individual and team championships.

ESF also arrange the European Junior Circuit – a series of over 30 events across Europe for young squash players up to 18 years old.


Congratulations to the Junior Circuit winners of 2016/2017 :

             BU19                                   GU19

1. Roman ALLINCKX (SWISS)           1. Cristina Gomez (SPAIN)

2. David Zeman (CZECH)                   2. Karina Tyma (POLAND)

3. Sanjay JEEVA (BELGIUM)            3. Sarah Lauridsen (DENMARK)

4. Elliot Morris Devred (WALES)         4. Kristyna Fialova (CZECH)


European Squash Federation Juniors