From the 28th November 2018, ESF have changed their database for managing and running events.

The reason for this is that by the end of December 2018, World Squash will move to another system. As ESF was part of the WSF software, ESF needed to establish their own database. 


The numbering of players has changed into a number starting with ES. The information was taken out of the ESF ranking and ESF tournament files.

Any player who previously had a WSF SPIN should have been automatically transferred to the new system.

Finding an existing players ESID

If you need help finding a player's number please click here for instructions. 


How to obtain a ESID

Any players who have not yet got a European number needs to sign up for an account with ESF.

Please click on this link:

Nations will automatically be notified of all new player registrations from their country and have the opportunity to veto any at any time in case of issue.


From the 1 January 2019, there will be a €10 once in a lifetime fee for new European registrations. Only new players and players outside of Europe who haven't yet played a ESF tournament need to register.

All players who had been playing and have already an account with the WSF SPIN do not need to sign up or pay.


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