Event Package

At the 2015 ESF AGM, it was agreed to replace basic and standard packages with a new “Event Package” alongside a revised optional hotel & food package.

The below information may help answer any queries you have regarding this :

1.  Why has ESF introduced an Event Package? The purpose of the introduction of an Event Package is to give hosts greater certainty over the income needed to cover the basic costs of running the Championships. ESF want to make the cost/fees structure more transparent and easier for hosts and MNFs. It also means all MNFs will pay an equal sum towards the running costs of the event so it is fairer.

2. What does the Event Package include? The basics to run a successful Championship tournament e.g. referees, opening ceremony, court admission, streaming, final party and dinner, etc.

3. Who pays the Event Package? This is a single fee for each participant (player/reserve/coach/physio) collected by ESF and paid to the host.

4. Is the Event Package separate to the entry fee? The entry fee is paid to ESF. It is separate to the Event Package.

5. What is the optional Hotel/Food package? This covers the hotel, transport between venues and catering aspect. This will be more competitively priced to encourage nations to take it. The host should be able to negotiate more competitive prices than a participating nation, and if not MNFs may choose to book another hotel themselves as this is an optional package.

6. Does the Event Package apply to all ESF tournments? The Event Package is applicable for all ESF Championship Tournaments.

7. Does the Event Package apply to Junior and Masters Circuits? There is currently no Event Package for Junior and Masters Circuit tournaments.

8. Does an U19 player taking part in both the Individual and Teams pay for one or two Event Packages? The tournaments are viewed as 2 separate events so the Event Package is paid for both U19 Team and U19 Individual.

9. Where can I find more information on the ESF fees? Our levies are reviewed annually and published on our fees page  http://www.europeansquash.com/page/26312/Fees