Please click on one of the links below for the ESF Junior Circuit Guidelines & Appendices for information about how the Circuit operates:

ESF Junior Guidelines 2019 in pdf format

Appendix 1 - Tender Document

Juniors App 1 - Tender Document

Appendix 2 - Ranking Points

Juniors App 2 - Points awarded in European Junior Events

Appendix 3 - Invitation

Juniors App 3 - Invitation Template in word format

Appendix 4 - How to make the draw

Juniors App 4 - How to make the draw

Appendix 5 - Recommended menus

Juniors App 5 - Recommended menus  

Appendix 6 - Software set up

Juniors App 6 - Software set up

Appendix 7 - Playing systems

Juniors App 7 - Playing systems


The TD responsible should send the TP file to the ESF office at least 2 weeks before the tournament for a final ESID validation

The TD is responsible for the seeding of JUNIOR OPENS and GRAND PRIX events, but may seek advice from the ESF Junior seeding panel. SUPER SERIES events need to be approved by ESF