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Junior & Masters Tour update July

The European Squash Federation board decided to move the decision regarding the Junior & Masters tour restart until end of August.
At that time the board will make a decision on events in November AND December.

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Luxembourg – First step back to normality!

Michael Khan reports from the first Level 1 coaching course after the lockdowns !

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2021 European Team Championships in Finland to be held inside one of the largest malls in Europe

The Finnish Squash Association will organise the European Team Championships next spring at the end of April-May. The main stage of the competitions, a full-glass squash court, will be build inside the Mall of Tripla cultural square, which is located in connection with Pasila railway station. The rest of the matches will be played in Talihalli in Pitäjänmäki.

Satisfaction shines from the face of Mika Monto, Executive Director of the Finnish Squash Association.

One of Squash’s great opportunities has always been to take the glass court to the finest places possible. There have been courts in Egypt with the pyramids, New York’s Grand Central Station, and several malls around the world. Now we get to play squash at a venue, which is like made for our event and where we are able to present our sport to the general public better than before. Our goal is to make the games memorable for both players and the public".

Kati Kivimäki, Mall of Tripla's shopping center director, is also pleased to have the European Team Championships in the shopping center.

 “It’s great to have the European Championships in squash at the Mall of Tripla and build a unique entity in an urban setting. We look forward to squash professionals and the public enjoying the tournament atmosphere at Tripla.”

36 teams (20 men’s and 16 women’s) from 22 countries will participate in the European Team Championships. There will be a total of about 200 players in the event, including the best players of the continent. The best players expected in Finland are Camille Serme from France (WR 4.) and Sarah-Jane Perry from England (WR 6.). On the men’s side, the highest world rankings are currently held by Simon Rösner of Germany (WR 8.) and Joel Makin of Wales (WR 10.).

Finnish men's and women's teams play in the top division. The women’s goal from the home event is a medal, on the men’s side the goal is among the top six. Tickets for the European Championships will be on sale at the end of the year.

More information is available:

Finnish Squash Association, +358 50 5839531 Twitter: @SquashFinland
Squash Suomi Finland

Mall of Tripla

Mall of Tripla Twitter: @MallOfTripla

Junior Combined Ranking

Boys Overall
1  Marek Panacek25,919
2  Ben Smith24,954
3  Conor Moran23,429
4  Toufik Mekhalfi19,473
5  Sam Buckley19,164
6  Alasdair Prott18,755
7  Max Forster17,950
8  Manuel Paquemar17,892
9  Filip Jarota17,514
10  David Maier17,333
Girls Overall
1  Ambre Allinckx24,382
2  Alice Green22,832
3  Chukwu Chinyere22,112
4  Fleur Maas21,009
5  Selena Georgieva20,733
6  Madeleine Hylland18,451
7  Klara Møller18,425
8  Alesya Aleshina17,718
9  Franka Vidovic17,276
10  Margot Prow16,546
1  Marek Panacek25,919
2  Ben Smith24,954
3  Conor Moran23,429
4  Toufik Mekhalfi19,473
5  Sam Buckley19,164
6  Alasdair Prott18,755
7  Max Forster17,950
8  Manuel Paquemar17,892
9  Filip Jarota17,514
10  David Maier17,333
1  Ambre Allinckx24,382
2  Alice Green22,832
3  Fleur Maas21,009
4  Selena Georgieva20,733
5  Madeleine Hylland18,451
6  Klara Møller18,425
7  Alesya Aleshina17,718
8  Margot Prow16,546
9  Tereza Siroka15,455
10  Cristina Tartarone15,303
1  Rowan Damming16,982
2  Tate Harms15,950
3  Sam Todd15,009
4  Laszlo Godde12,792
5  Samuel Gerrits12,747
6  Denis Gilevskiy11,898
7  Hassan Khalil10,614
8  Jakub Gogol10,387
9  Karim Farrag10,259
10  Makar Esin10,162
1  Chukwu Chinyere22,112
2  Franka Vidovic17,276
3  Asia Harris15,456
4  Varvara Esina14,176
5  Ninon Lemarchand13,928
6  Moa Bönnemark13,518
7  Tamara Holzbauerová13,420
8  Nika Urh12,130
9  Pika Rupar11,521
10  Olivia Besant11,289
1  Dimitriy Scherbakov8,077
2  David Bernet8,052
3  Antonin Romieu8,011
4  Petr Smekhov7,230
5  Sean Murphy7,153
6  Timofey Radionov6,428
7  Kyle Penman6,083
8  Youssef Elgammal5,500
9  Axel Diet5,486
10  Melvil Scianimanico5,108
1  Amelie Haworth9,442
2  Nanja Urh9,270
3  Riana Alexova8,768
4  Maria Arseniev8,595
5  Leila Hirt8,141
6  Olha Kotova7,319
7  Sara Nedič7,302
8  Varvara Kliueva7,046
9  Ona Blasco7,006
10  Chloé Crabbé6,481
1  Trofim Aleshin5,295
2  David Linhart4,305
3  Vojtech Martinovsky4,070
4  Sebastian Hylland3,885
5  Aleksei Maslov3,853
6  Aiden Vetjens3,564
7  Mathias, Santiago DE LA COLINA3,341
8  Amir Khaled3,208
9  Ahmed Abd Elreheem3,155
10  Shunsaku Kariyazono3,145
1  Kristina Begeba4,767
2  Anahat Singh4,751
3  Lauren Baltayan3,996
4  Aneta Sezemska3,723
5  Weronika Zimecka3,625
6  Nóra Juhász3,206
7  Zoja Berce2,877
8  Ruby Huisman2,641
9  Elcke Mols2,520
10  Alexandra Ghiorghisor2,469

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