Slovenia host to ESF L1 and L2 Coaching Courses

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Slovenia host to ESF L1 and L2 Coaching Courses

Last week the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana or more precisely the Konex club was the gathering point for coaches from all over Europe, namely Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Norway, Poland, Romania, Ukraine and of course Slovenia.

 For the first time ESF conducted a Level 1 and Level 2 course at the same time. A total of 20 coaches, 10 per course, attended the mix of lectures and practical sessions delivered by Peter Hirst and Michael Khan.

Another first was a presentation by course organizer and WSF Referee Marko Podgorsek on the referees view of how to move to and more importantly away from the ball. This was received very well by the participants and a short module on refereeing might be added to all courses in future.

 The club got really crowded on Saturday afternoon when 13 Slovenian juniors age 7 to 16 came to receive group lessons by the aspiring Level 1 coaches. Balls of all sizes were rolled, bounced, kicked and finally struck with rackets to the enjoyment of all involved. A fine dinner of the whole group in the Old Town ended a long and intense day.

 The fourth and final day of the course is traditionally reserved for the assessments, where the candidates have to conduct an individual lesson. While 9 of the 10 L1s were happy to immediately walk away with a certificate it is a bit harder for the L2s. They have to plan and deliver a four week training plan and only after that is approved they will be awarded a L2 qualification.


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