Update on changes to ESF Championship Regulations 2018

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Update on changes to ESF Championship Regulations 2018

Championship Regulations for 2018 are now republished 

Important change to the regulations

The 2018 regulations have now been re-issued. Regulation D6 is now amended to read:-

CHANGES: The squad order must be adhered to throughout the Championships. Any player can be omitted from a Tie provided the others play in the order of merit approved by the CAP.

Managers shall be deemed to have selected their top players in listed order, unless the Championships Director is notified otherwise in writing at least one hour before the scheduled start of a Tie or within 10 minutes of completion of the previous Tie (whichever is later). The CAP reserves the right to allow changes to player nominations after the deadline for each Tie in exceptional circumstances.

A Team Manager may request permission from the CAP to replace a member of his squad at any time after the Final Submission Date and through the Championships. Such permission will only be given if the reason is considered by the CAP to be legitimate (e.g. illness, injury or force majeure) and provided that the replacement player is previously nominated in the full squad of 6 men, or 5 women: and irrespective of rank order.

The Championships Director will advise all Team Managers in writing if a player is being replaced. Any appeal against the decision to replace or not replace a player during the Championships must be made within two hours to the CAP. All player privileges and facilities will be passed on to any replacement player. The replaced player may not re-join his squad during the Championships.

A Team Manager may, at any time during the Championships, appeal to the CAP if he has evidence that a player in an opposing squad is likely to compete, or has competed, when unfit. If the appeal is upheld, the player in question may not be nominated to compete in any Tie until approved by the CAP and appropriate action may be taken against the squad concerned.

In addition to the changes above please note the following 

  • Modifications and further clarifications of the rules made in the sections D6, F1, F4, F5, F9, F22, J4, V1.3, V4.6, V5.3
  • A1 Info on SPIN
  • D6 Changes on players replacement
  • F12 Tin height
  • L1 Playing order on glass court
  • X Playing format after pool stage
  • Y 2018 Levies & Fees

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