Polish Masters Squash Open in Kraków

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Polish Masters Squash Open in Kraków

For us, organisers, the biggest reward was positive feedback & the numerous thanks which we received from players and assurances that they will visit us next year, bringing their friends with them.

Satisfaction. This is the feeling that any host of a tournament should feel if he has done his job well. Organising a sporting event gives a lot of joy in itself , but especially when you can associate with such wonderful people- squash players like MASTERS who take part in European Masters Circuit.


This time the Polish Masters Squash Open took place in Kraków-one of the most splendid cities in Poland and was visited by 90 competitors from as many as 22 different countries! This 3-day event started as always on Friday- all players finished their first and second rounds in their categories- 8 categories in total (7 men, 1 women).

By the way I have to mention that for this and many other tournaments, there was only one women's category  – so it meant that W60+ category had to compete with W40+- which is demotivating for some ladies L We hope that next year more female players will enter the tournament  in Kraków.

However, in this case our most happy and positive player- Sian Johnson from Wales won the third place in W40+ although she had entered to W60+! J


In other categories we could also find age mixes - In M35+ there were several players like Maciek Maciantowicz who could play in M40+ but decided to raise the bar J

The level of competition was generally very high and the finals and semi-finals matches were very spectacular, impressive and often surprising!


On Saturday night many "masters”and organisers had a great time in one of Kraków dance clubs,  Choice Club,  some of players even had fun until 5 o'clock in the morning and were asked to leave the club J J J .  It was all the more crazy on Sunday morning, as matches started at 10am!


Prize giving and closing ceremony took place on Sunday afternoon- after that some players took their flight back home,  but there were some enthusiasts who stayed until Thursday.

I am really glad that I was able to meet such fantastic people from all over Europe,  I am also pleased that one quarter of players were Polish (from every corner of our Country).

For us, organisers, the biggest reward was positive feedback & numerous thanks,  which we received from players and assurances that they will visit us next year, bringing  their friends with them.  That’s why, now it is me who wants to thank all of them for coming to Krakow and for participating in the Polish Masters Squash tournament.

Next year, again, richer with new experiences, we hope to host them all again and make the next tournament better, bigger and more magnificent.

Photos of the Prize Giving

Lots more photos: Photographs by Gintaras Gaurilčikas


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