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Combined Junior Rankings

Following Member and player feedback, the Junior Rankings system has been updated to one combined ranking, regardless of the player age, with boys and girls separated (Boys Overall and Girls Overall).

Each player will be ranked according to the points earned in last 12 months, regardless of the age category he played, where four best results are divided by four. The rankings of separated age groups will be published on the website as before, filtered by the age category.

The main reason for the changes is to improve the system and project to the ranking different tournament categories and different quality of the entries (tournament level).
The new system will respect our requirements to assign an appropriate number of points for cases where players are forced or they want to play in the different age category. Momentarily a player that starts in a different age group is not in the ranking at all.

The new system will allow a smooth transition to a higher age category because all the points earned will remain to the player. The combined ranking will also allow the appropriate seeding of players if they start in a different age category.

The advantage of the new system is also considerably easier rankings creation. There will no longer be a need to manually convert TP files to an Excel file and recording to the website. Everything will be processed directly in a web environment automatically.

Tournaments will be sorted into the following categories.

  •  European Championships (U19)
  •  Super Series
  •  Grand Prix
  •  Junior Open

Each category will have a different grade that will affect the points assigned to the ranking.

Tournaments will be further sorted into three levels.
 A
 B
 C

Each tournament level will have a different grade that will affect the points assigned to the ranking. The level of the tournament will be determined by the quality of the players participating in the tournament. The higher level of the players gives more points to the ranking.

The current system of age groups will be retained :
 U13 and U15 and U17 and U19

Each age group will have a different scale of points (similar to new masters system) in order to produce a combined ranking of all juniors regardless of their age.

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