European Tournament Director Seminar 11th and 12th January 2020

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European Tournament Director Seminar 11th and 12th January 2020

European Squash Board Members Hugo Hannes, Rosie Barry, Jackie Robinson and Thomas Troedsson welcomed almost 30 people from 16 countries who participated in the ESF Tournament Director seminar in Amsterdam at the weekend.

With the support and guidance of Marcel Borst and Pavel Sladecek, European participants had an opportunity to learn how the Tournament Software worked, with all it's different applications and modules, together with how it links up. The ESF rankings and database were also on the agenda.

The owner and CEO of Tournament Software, Daniel Meure, presented new 2020 features and demonstrated functionality.  Daniel also shared some future ideas and new planned developments. Daniel welcomed questions from the group. 

The ESF Masters Committee were also present and participated in the seminar, whilst the workshop on Sunday aimed to get the participants to set up their 2020 upcoming events. Thanks go to Pavel, Marcel and Michael Gaade for sharing their knowledge and providing assistance.

There were also many good discussions during the evening between the participants and the experts. Knowledge was shared and ideas were discussed between the participants. A tournament organisers network has been set up so that all who took part can get support, discuss problems and new ideas and suggest further development. This reaches out to not only cover technical aspects of the software, but also for improving the  Regulations, marketing of events and generally anything related to the ESF Championships, Juniors and Masters circuits.

Paul Nugent who has organised the Irish Junior Open for the last 7 years in Dublin attended the seminar. The 3 times Tournament Director for the Irish Junior Open summarised “It was a very useful experience and learning session”. 

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