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President update

Over the last few weeks, the ESF Board have been following up the evolution of COVID-19 in many European countries. Having reviewed the opinions provided through the recent Member online questionnaire, we would now like to provide you with a further update.

Due to COVID-19, the ESF Board together with the hosts, recently cancelled the European Teams Division 3 and the European Championships U15/U17, whilst postponing the ETC Divisions 1&2 and the European Championships U19.

Taking into consideration the view of many of our Member Nation Federations and because of the many uncertainties, we cannot be confident in hosting an event which all European Member Nation Federations could expect to be able to play in fairly.

Taking into account the many arguments, both from a players’ health and a sporting point of view, the ESF Board have recently informed Squash Bond Nederlands and the host that regretfully we have no choice but to cancel the ETC 1&2 this year. We are most disappointed with this decision because the host did the utmost to make it happen and because the players have been looking forward to competing in this event.

For the same reasons, we must cancel the team event of the EC U19. The Junior Committee and the Championship Committee Chairs, together with the host, will be looking for an appropriate date to reschedule the U19 individual event.

Along with these events, we also had to adjourn our 2020 Annual General Meeting. It has been decided to hold this meeting at the same time as the WSF AGM in Monaco at the beginning of December. We hope to meet you there and exchange our COVID-19 experiences!

Looking forward, from the information we have gathered we hear in some countries that venues will be opening soon, and in other countries it will still take some time. Together we hope that we can be on court very soon and play our game as usual.

Finally, may we wish you the best of luck preparing for the new season.

On behalf of the ESF Board

Hugo Hannes, ESF President

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