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ETC Division 1 revised seeding Women's teams

ESF European Team Division 1&2 Squash Championships 2022 

The Championship Committee formed a seeding group to discuss the objections that have been filed regarding the seeding.

The seeding group agreed that:

  • There has been a significant change of strengths of two teams, France with the loss of their no 1, Wales with the addition of a top 20 player.
  • The two pools needs to be balanced in order for the top four teams to reach the final.
  • The seeding using PSA ranking is transparent and logical.

Decision:    The Seeding group decided to:

  • Re seed the Women’s div 1 due to the significant change of two teams, France and Wales, and use the current PSA ranking (1 April) as the base of the seeding. Where it’s very similar strengths a draw has been made. The new seeding will be:
    Pool A England (1), France (4), Scotland (5), Finland (8)

Pool B Belgium (2), Wales (3), Netherlands (6), Germany (7)  

The decision was unanimous and there is no right to appeal the final seeding.
On behalf of the Championship Committee Seeding group

Thomas Troedsson
Vice President
European Squash Federation


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