Gibraltar Masters Open 2022

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Gibraltar Masters Open 2022

A total of 62 players went to Gibraltar this weekend from different countries: Spain, Germany, Gibraltar, England, Poland, France, Czech Republic, Ireland and Netherlands



• M35 - GOLD Iván Flores, SLIVER Neill Macarron, BRONZE Christian Navas

• W35 - GOLD Leanne Moreno, SILVER Jessica Gomez, BRONZE Colleen Devicenzi-Clemens

• W40 - GOLD Mel Camilleri-Bland, SILVER Ying King To, BRONZE Charmaine Da Silva

• M45 - GOLD Juan Gabriel Iranzo Escolano, SILVER Steve Shacaluga, BRONZE Javier Andreu

• M50 - GOLD Jesús Souto, SILVER Pedro Moreno Diaz, BRONZE Colin William Davis

• M55 - GOLD Guillaume Lahourcade, SLIVER Marcus Hall, BRONZE Wenceslao Garcia Duran

• M60 - GOLD Pedro Ríos, SILVER David Scotthem, BRONZE Jose Manuel Flores

• M70 - GOLD Jose Luis Alba, SLIVER Bryan Francis, BRONZE Patrick Nerney


CONGRATS to all Masters players!

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