British Junior Open 2023

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British Junior Open 2023

Over 600 junior squash players arrived in Birmingham, England to participate in the British Junior Open - the first event of 2023!

Here are the results:


U13 Habiba Rizk  / Carlton Capella

U15 Anahat Singh / Marwan Asal

U17 Madison Ho / Youssef Salem

U19 Amina Orfi / Finnlay Withington

Runners up:

U13 Malika Taymour / Nauman Khan

U15 Sohaila Hazem / Seif Refaay

U17 Nour Khafagy / Eyad Hossam

U19 Fayrouz Abouelkheir / Jonah Bryant

Third Place:

U13 Rama Elnaggar / Eyad Walid Yousef Moussa

U15 Ruqayya Salem / Aiden Chi-Ren Chiang

U17 Barb Sameh / Jooyoung Na

U19 Aira Azman / Rowan Damming

Thank you to England Squash and to everyone involved in making the event such a success!

Please see The European Squash Federation Facebook page for more photos

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