ESF President and ESF Operations Manager visit Croatia

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ESF President and ESF Operations Manager visit Croatia

ESF President Thomas Troedsson and Operations Manager Marcel Borst were invited to visit the Croatia Squash Federation at the Croatian Junior Open March 17-19 in Zagreb.

A full program was prepared by Mr Vedran Rezic, President Croatian Squash.
On Friday morning there was a meeting with the Croatia Olympic Committee and its President, Mr Zlatko Matesa and General Secretary Mr Sinisa Krajac. One of the interesting items was that they have their own TV Channel reaching all households in Croatia involving more than 3,5 million people. It has been agreed that ESF will provide the TV Channel with the signal from the European Team Championships div 1 & 2 later this spring. This is great way to make squash visible to more people. The Croatian Olympic Committee was presented the ESF plaque.

Another meeting was arranged with the University Faculty of Kinesiology with Professor Petar Tudor Barbaros. He explained the work that has been done to set up a squash coaching course that will be approved by the Croatian authorities. You need to have a government-approved education and diploma to work as a coach in Croatia. Mr Petar Tudor Barbaros offered the possibility to collaborate with the squash coaching education in Europe. The opportunity of building squash courts at the faculty was discussed as they plan to extend the area with tennis courts.

A meeting was held in good spirits with the Croatian Squash Federation regarding various topics that concerned them and what the needs were to increase the popularity of squash in Croatia and the Balkans.

On the final day of the ESF junior circuit event, President Thomas Troedsson presented the prizes in all the categories. The event had nearly 80 participants from 18 countries and was held on the four courts of the Squash Tower in Zagreb. A great weekend with many good and encouraging meetings together with good squash and enthusiastic squash juniors and coaches. A big thank you goes to Croatian Squash Federation and especially to Mr Vedran Rezic and Mr Vedran Svonja for the great welcome and hospitality. At the end, the Croatian squash federation received an ESF plaque from ESF president Thomas Troedsson.


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